Macao is now considered as the home of gambling. Macao is a host of more than 40 casinos across gondolas Venetian Macau to the city of dreams. Macau is a great competitor to Vegas creating its own version of everything including the Corai strip, a Vegas strip copy. Macao has certainly built up it’s name in the world of gambling. We’ve picked five best casinos to visit:


Venetian is quite popular not only because of its size but also its amenities. The venetian in Macau is the biggest casino in the world. Venetian resort is a host of a shopping mall, Italian streets, a 3000 capacity hotel and gondoliers canals. The resort is a love for many visitors mainly because of it’s easy access to various facilities. Venetian casino resort is the best casino in all Asia ranked as the best of Macao.

City of Dreams

The city of dreams is a classy movie like casino. More like the james bond storyline. All in all the city of dreams is a stylish, state of the art casino where most of the big gamblers visit . The city is famous for among other things the restaurants designed to a Michelin visual, house shows and luxurious hotels. The city of Dreams is a classy casino in Macau with all the comfort to offer just perfect for a happy time.

The Sands

Sands is famous for it’s free drinks and location. Sands is located on the pier of Macau/Hong Kong ferry which makes it convenient for visitors. Businessmen from Hong Kong arrive on Friday and Saturday night. The Sands Macao is also loved for it’s live band apart from it’s huge gambling hall. The place is very friendly hence you may end up spending a few hours enough to break your bank.


Wynn is not as big but is as popular as the bigger casinos. Although it’s quite small, big rollers love to spend their cash here. If you are not a bigger roller maybe this is not your game room. The casino is quite elegant and fancy. The wall welcomes you with a tapestry of a million dollars. Just to set the pace of bets you’ll find tables labeled with minimum stake. It doesn’t endthere, big rollers have a VIP room set aside. Rumors have it that the Wynn VIP room is the most luxurious in the city. You definitely should visit it soon.

The Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa has maintained its title of the best of the best in Macau. Apart from it’s Michelin designed restaurants the hotel rooms are proof of class and glamor. The Grand Lisboa though it has been bypassed by new casinos it has maintained its core business to gambling. The casino is a host of big rollers with hundreds of gambling tables hidden in the Warren rooms. This is the best place to focus on making money more than experiencing a show.

All these casinos have proved to go beyond just being a gambling den but an extravagant place to make and spend money.